Thursday I was at the event organized by La Roche Posay: Save Your Skin. At the event, La Roche Posay reminded us why it is important to keep away from the sun and take care of our skin and especially why it is important to visit a dermatologist to check our moles.

Save Your Skin is a campaign that has been taking place in America since 2010 and provides the public with free checkouts  at a dermatologist. In addition to the dermatologist visit, there is also a “technique” for checking the moles, the ABCDE technique:

Asymmetry – the mole is asymmetrical

Borders – the mole has an irregular shape

Color – Mole has an uneven color distribution: from light brown to black

Diameter – the mole is large (> 6mm)

Evolution – the mole changes its size, color and / or thickness over time.

To see who your partner physicians are where you can check your moles and make an appointment, you can enter the campaign site,



The My UV Patch contains photosensitive layers that change color under the sun’s rays. It’s a thin, transparent, self-adhesive and waterproof patch that lasts for up to 5 days. The patch can also be used on the sensitive skin of children. To monitor the UV radiation level, you need to scan your patch with your phone and do so, you need to use the  My UV Patch application. You can find it on Android and iOS.



I did a little experiment. I wore a patch one day without sun protection and I periodically scanned my UV Patch. That day I walked for about 40 minutes in the sun, I went to the shop and sat next to the window at the office. That was my exposure to the sun. Here are the results:

What do we get out of this? It’s very easy to get a sunburn. The burns from which we get red,  these are already HORROR for the skin, but cellular destruction happens, as you can see, only after 40 minutes of walking in the sun. I did not feel anything, I was not red, but my cells, my skin, my body, definitely felt that.

My grandfather died almost three years ago from skin cancer. I was next to him, from the beginning, when he discovered it until the last breath. It was a tough experience for us, but especially for him. I can not really describe… But he unfortunately did not find the melanoma in time. It was there for 2 YEARS !!!!! And he did not say anything. He said that who knows, it’s nothing serious. So PLEASE! Do not ignore your body, do not treat it with indifference! Skin cancer is in 90% of cases CURABLE!

Stay safe!

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