Power walking has several advantages. First of all, it is probably the safest form of sport available and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, at any time, without the need for a complex equipment, only a training suit and some sports shoes. It can be incorporated into any program, even if you work a lot of hours a day or not, even if you have done sports or not, even if you are young or old, it is safe even for people with various diseases and pregnant women after a medical check , of course. It is a form of movement that, unlike running, has a very low impact on the joints, protects the knees and especially does not expose the heart to a great deal of stress.

For power walking to have an effect, the training regime must be serious. Do not confuse the stroll through the shops or even the leisure walks for a sport. Ala is not sports, it’s relaxation. Sessions of about 40 minutes a day of fast walking are recommended, sessions that are not interrupted by anything (frequent stops, obstacles, intersections, etc.). It’s a great workout for those who want to lose weight because it involves a lower heart rate, somewhere in the “fat burn” zone, roughly between 60-70 percent of the heart’s capacity. In this zone the body will burn predominantly adipose tissue and very little muscle (what we want when we want to lose weight). And if you ask why we do not want to burn muscle and ideas like “but I do not want to be muscular” pop in your head, I will briefly say two things: 1. Muscles are the ones that maintain a high metabolism, meaning high calorie burns, that is, burning the cheescake you ate faster. 2. It is difficult to gain muscles! Extremely, especially as we women do not have testosterone. But about this more details in another post.

The idea is to maintain a constant speed and to have a relevant indicator, it is very simple to look after the limit between walking and running. That is, to go fast enough to be at the point where you would normally start running. The longer you keep  the pace constant, the better (that is, the more fat we burn). I suppose it makes no sense to explain how important it is to properly hydrate and to have a proper nutrition. After training, the body will release endorphins and you will feel much better. It would be good for the training to be completed with a 5-10 minutes of stretching, which plays a vital role in preventing injuries and a good muscle development.

Such a training  helps you to get into shape, especially if you have been sedentary or have not practiced sports for a long time and burn more calories than jogging would, making it harder to walk at a faster speed, than running at a lower speed.

Think that this type of training is being practiced by bodybuilders, at the end of the weight training, somewhere around 20-30 minutes, to burn the last traces of fat on the muscles. If you try this kind of training, let me know! And of course, any questions you have, I’m here!

Go, go, go!

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