Girls, I have for you some news from Zoeva! I have some new products in my collection and I really can not wait to use them! But before, I said I’ll tell you about them too. It’s not a detailed review because I have not used them so far, I just  tested them, but I can already tell you that there are a lot of chances for some of these products to become favorites.

Caramel Melange – Eye Palette

This palette contains 10 warm colors, some of them shimmery, some matte. From my point of view it is a good palette for a more natural makeup. I tested the products a little bit and they were sufficiently pigmented, but I would have liked them to be more smoother, they seem a little bit chalky.

Coral Spectrum – Blush Palette

It’s great for traveling, it’s very thin and it gives you 4 shades you can choose from. You have two pink shades and two pink peach shades, somehow a fairly balanced palette. I say it’s good for a light skin to medium, darker skin tones probably need some slightly stronger colors.

Graphic Lash Mascara

Besides the fact that the packaging is superb and by looking at the brush I can realize that the chances to adore this mascara are very high. It looks like a fairly basic mascara that offers volume and what I’ve seen is very black, which seems to me as a big plus.

Eyeshadow Fix Matte Primer

I have to admit that over the years I have not been the kind of person to try out too many eye primers. Usually I find one product that works and I uses it until it’s gone, then I go on to the next one and so on. Well, I wanted to try out more products this year and I’m happy to be able to tell you an opinion about this Zoeva product 😀

Rose Golden Luxury Set

I wanted for so long to own some Zoeva brushes, and this is my first set. From the first glance / touch, I realized that I’m going to order more products from them. The brushes are very qualitative and I love the fact that the eye brushes are not very large. In this set we have 5 face brushes and 3 eye brushes, it’s a good basic set. And yes, I can hardly wait to try them and tell you all about it!

These are the products and if you have any questions or want a more detailed review of a product, please leave a comment and I will take care of it  😀