Tomorrow morning, at 7 am, I’m leaving for a new adventure. We are heading on the highway towards Pitesti. We are going to Sibiu. This year I’m probably going to celebrate NYE outdoors, at -10 degrees. The past years I’ve celebrated NYE at home, in a comfy atmosphere, with some friends or in a more formal, more festive scenery. However we choose to celebrate NYE, we want to feel good. To look good. The best we can. That’s why I prepared this little editorial for you guys. How would my NYE look like according to where I would celebrate it. Let’s see!



If I would celebrate NYE outdoors I would choose something pretty casual and warm. I would wear a velvet dress with some knee-high boots and a big coat with a fur collar. HE would wear a casual shirt, a jacket and a coat.


If we would choose to celebrate NYE at home, comfy, maybe around a few close friends and a glass of wine, the word for us would certainly be cozy. Some jeans and a warm sweater.


For a more formal night HE would definitely wear an elegant suit, a velvet one. I would also wear a suit instead of a dress. I find it to be a more different approach. And honestly, more cozy.

Wherever you chose to spend your NYE this year, I wish you to have fun as much as you can, to laugh, dance and gather as many lovely memories as possible! Have fun and drink champagne! That’s the plan!

Look 1:

Him: Shirt – Tudor Tailor; Blazer – Tudor Tailor; Jacket – Tudor Tailor; Pants – Tudor Tailor
Me: Dress – Stradivarius; Coat – stradivarius; Fur collar – random

Look 2:

Him: Shirt – Tudor Tailor; Pullover – Tudor Tailor; Jeans – random; Boots – random
Me: Pullover – Romwe; Jeans – Romwe

Look 3:

Him: Shirt – Tudor Tailor ; Blazer – Tudor Tailor; Pants – Tudor Tailor; Bowtie  – Tudor Tailor
Me: Blazer – Tudor Tailor; Pants – Tudor Tailor; Tank – H&M

Photos: Ioan Margineanu

Model: Catalin Andrei 

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