I just got back from a boat trip in Greece with Odyseea Sailing (a vlog about that is coming real soon) and I’m trying to get back into things as quick as I can, because this Saturday I’m leaving again. This time it’s a family vacation, also in Greece.

I know that the last days of summer are almost over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them to the fullest. At least that’s my plan. So I thought about what fun things you can do this weekend! Here they are!

1. Picnic

Take your friends and go have a picnic. You don’t have to plan that much. some sandwiches, water, soda and a blanket. enjoy the outdoors because your going to miss them!

2. Walk in the park

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t have that much time, a relaxing walk in the park is just perfect for you. Even if you have to work on weekends, a little break from all that will do you good.

3. Roadtrip

Take the train or your car early in the morning and go somewhere. It doesn’t have to be far away from home, you don’t have to spend money on accomodation. A quick runaway will be so much fun!

4. Pool

Why not enjoy the last days of summer by the pool, working on that perfect tan? But remember to use sun protection!

5. Barbeque

This is similar with the picnic idea, but the whole purpose of a barbeque is the entire ritual of preparing the food. Usually guys love to show of their barbeque skills, so the girls can enjoy watching and being pampered!

And this outfit that I shot is perfect for any of these weekend activities!


Levi’s T-shirt

Levi’s shorts

Asos belt

Dior sunnies

Superga shoes

Photographer:Β Elena Cornila

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