It’s been so long since I posted an outfit on the blog. I missed it so much! Today I have a super special one for you guys, it is a full Kraxy Rabbit outfit. Before I show you the photos, I want to talk to you about the brand. It is new on the market, I just found out about it, but I already love it. Kraxy Rabbit has designer clothes, but not just any designer, they are asian designers, mostly from Korea. You will see, the style is different from what we europeans are used to. But I love it! It’s so darring and original! Now let’s see what I’ve put together for you guys!


 This weekend Kraxy Rabbit is having a super sale at the showroom, Bd. Dacia, nr. 43, et. 2, ap. 2, Bucharest, and on the website. Be sure to check them out!


 Kraxy Rabbit sweater

Kraxy Rabbit leggings

Kraxy Rabbit vest

Kraxy Rabbit boots

Photographer: Adrian Negoitescu