Vichy recently launched the Idealia line, with an improved formula. I received them a few weeks ago and I have to admit that the packaging was so appealing I said I have to give them a try.

This new formula has new extracts (black tea and blueberry antioxidants), illuminating the skin and giving the skin a more polished look. At least that’s what Vichy says!

 Vichy Ideala energizing and smoothing cream (mixed skin)

I can’t lie and not admit that this cream got me from the first look thanks to the packaging. A glass jar, in a colour that suggests “antioxidant” and hydration. I liked the creamy and light texture of this cream, soft touch that sinks quickly into the skin. The smell is very pleasant and fruity. I used it in the mornings, after I apply my La Roche Posay Effaclar, to hydrate my skin. It maintained my skin hydrated throughout the day and it really gave me a fresh feeling. It really is nice to apply in the morning!

Vichy Idealia radiance boosting antioxidant serum

I applied the serum in the evening. This comes in a glass bottle with a pump. It pumps just the right amount for an application. It has a liquid texture, slightly transparent and very watery. It gives you a very nice feeling on the skin and you have to leave it to sink in a little bit, but it hydrates very good. I like to apply it before any other treatment or cream, right after I took my makeup off and washed my face. There where many nights when I just applied the serum and no other cream or treatment. The next day I really woke up with a more luminous and even skin. I had a fresh feeling on the skin. I think this is what I like the most about it. And if you wonder why I chose to use a serum at night, it’s because it penetrates the skin even better than a cream, thanks to it’s texture and it manages to hydrate the skin more efficiently. Of course, I apply a night cream or treatment afterwards, but I think a serum is a pretty important step, especially if you want to prevent wrinkles.

 As a conlcusion, these are two products that I really like, two “basic” hydrating products, that I think every woman should have in their skincare regime (hydrating cream and serum). I think they are accessible as far a price goes, for what they have to offer. The purpose of this range is to give you a more “alive” and illuminated face and I think it manages so.

I’m very curious if you already tried this range, and if you did, please do share!

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