A week ago I filmed for the very first time a “First Impression” video. What? A video where I try for the first time a product and we discover together how the product works. I tried the new The Falsies PushUp Angel mascara from Maybelline. It’s a product that promises long lashes like wings and full of volume. My first impression was a good one, but after trying it out for a few days, I thought I would also write a review.

Well, the brush is a very special one. It’s like a comb, only on one side and the bristles are shorter at the end and longer at the tail. The brush makes you hesitate at first, because you think it won’t have an effect. But after you apply the product, you are amazed. I was simply amazed at how long my lashes were after applying the product. Long, they looked more full and what I like the most is that they weren’t sticking to each other, they were very nicely separated. To obtain a maximum effect, I advise you to apply the product very well at the roots, using the wiggle-move and then pull towards the top.

I can say that this mascara is almost certainly going to become one of my favourites, one that I’m going to repurchase and reuse many times and one that I truly recommend. If you want to watch my video (it’s in romanian) you can watch it here. This video is also in the promo campaign for The Falsies PushUp Angel from Maybelline (Yuuupiiiiiii :D)

If you already tries the product and you want to share your opinion, please leave a comment below, I’m really curious!

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