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It’s good to write for you again! I really really missed writing a review.

Today I want to talk to you about some new cosmetics that have been out on the market for some months now. You’ve probably heard me talking about them in my  latest videos, and I’ve promised to tell you more about them on the blog. The time has come.

The cosmetics I’m talking about are  Note Cosmetics. I tried several products from them, but I thought to tell you more about the ones that got my attention. So let us begin!

Bronzing Powder

I liked this bronzer very much. I like that it’s matte, it’s not too light but not too dark and it’s perfectly pigmented. It has a warm undertone, so it does not fit a cold skin tone, but I’m warm so I have no problem in using it. But if you have a cold skin tone, I do not recommend it, it will look pretty weird. I like that the product is large, so it will last you a lot, but what bothers me a little is the bulging packaging, that does not make it the best travel product. Unfortunately, because the product itself is very good. It blends very well and persists during the day.

Mineral Blush

I liked the shade very much, it’s just that beautiful peach that makes you look glowing and healthy. Again, it’s a product with a warm undertone, but being a blush, you can use it even if you have cold skin tone if you want to go for a look that creates a beautiful contrast. It’s a matte product, it blends easily and it’s pigmented, so be careful with your brush!

Precision Eyeliner

I have already spoken to you about this Note eyeliner several times. I like the very thin tip, I like that it’s very black and also resists very well during the day. It’s very easy to use, even if you’re not that talented when it comes to eyeliner, so I think this is a big plus for a product.

Real Look Mascara

If you’ve been watching me for some time, you’ve definitely figured out what I like about this product. Exactly! It has a big, thick brush. It offers volume, it is very black and your eyelashes look a lot more plump. Just how I like it!

Matemoist Lipgloss

As the name says, it’s a matte liquid lipstick that does not dry your lips out. It’s not as matte as other products, but I like it very much. It is extremely creamy and easy to wear, creates no discomfort during the day and is quite resistant. And the level of pigmentation is optimal.

BB Natural Color

And last but not least, we have this “BB product” for your lips. Essentially, it’s a kind of lip balm with a slight pink hue. I like it because it gives a liiiiiiittle  color to your lips, but it makes them look very hydrated and feels great during the day. It even hydrates them and you can wear it at any time in your bag and reapply it during the day.

Girls, these are the Note products that I like and I would recommend to you. As for the price, Note products are quite affordable. They can be purchased on notecosmetics.com

Have you tried the products so far? Leave a comment below!

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