Last weekend we went to the sea. I love the sea, I love the sand, the sun the water, and this year I did not manage to satisfy my need and enjoy it. Being September, even though I gave birth a month ago, I told Alex that I must see the sea at least one more time this year. So we took our baby, took our bathing suits and left.

We stayed at Nayino Resort Hotel in Mamaia, a place I recommend with all my heart, especially if you have a baby! It is a super cool, modern hotel with a very strong vibe, but kid friendly. I like to say that it is a perfect hotel for active parents who want to enjoy a glass of Hugo on the terrace in the evening!

On Saturday we sat all day on the beach, we enjoyed the sun, the waves and the atmosphere. Matti was pleasantly surprised by the beach, slept on my belly all day. In the evening, almost at sunset we went to Vadu because I wanted to play a little with the Peugeot 5008 GT. We took the drone, we filmed, the rain caught us, but the footage still came out super dope. You will see on the vlog!

On Sunday we left for home quite early, because we wanted to stop on the road and not feel pressured by time. But before we left, I wanted to stop on the beach and enjoy the sea for the last time this year. We took some pictures of the outfit I was wearing, because the weather was great outside, and my jumpsuit as well!

 Where have you spent the last summer days this year?



Starshiners jumpsuit

H&M T-shirt

Zara sneakers

Hawkers sunnies