I know that school just ended last week. I really can’t remember how the summer vacation feels like. But a few weeks ago, I happened to walk with Elena on the street and pass by my high school. I had not been there for a long time. And I told Elena “Let’s go in to show you my high school.”

It was a unique sensation … I went to the German Goethe College, grades 1-12. When I entered the first grade, the high school was called Herman Oberth Theoretical High School, and then when I was in the 4th grade, they changed it to the current one. I finished the 12th grade 7 years ago … But standing there in the inner courtyard, I felt like home. It seemed like nothing had changed. That place was so familiar to me. Every corner, every door …

Elena was super nice to  take some snapshots right in the courtyard of my high school. Initially, we were looking for another location, but when she saw me so attached, she just grabbed her camera!


Blugi Tally Weijl

 H&M T-shirt (similar here)

Zara jacket (similar here)

Exclusives sneakers 

Photographer: Elena Cornila

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