Do you know those thousands of photos on Instagram with fit, good looking girls that pose next to a bag of tea on which it says “skinny” or “detox”? Don’t you want to say “yeah, sure!” Not long ago I received these tea based products from Nudey to try them out. I have to admit I was very sceptic at the beginning. The words “tea” and “detox” didn’t go together in my head. But I said oh well, I won’t die 2 weeks if I try them out.

My first attempt to try this program, around the end of summer, failed because I had a super chaotic schedule and I just couldn’t remember “oh, I need to drink my tea now!” But about a month ago, I said I need to try them out because 2017 is around the corner and I still have no opinion about them. Oh well, I was surprised! After 2 weeks I feel light, energetic and full of vitality although I had a full schedule (filming tons of hours, travelling, working until 3am and so on). I’ve noticed that my skin is more hydrated and my complexion is very luminous. I haven’t noticed a big difference with my weight, but that’s because I really have no problems in that area. But I’ve noticed that my cravings have disappeared. Before, if I saw sweets, I would go craaaaaaazy!!!


The Daytime tea is the one you need to drink during the day. It’s the one that detoxifies the body, the so called “teatox”. It has a very pleasant taste and it’s easy to drink. I just drink it during the day, when I remember, but not at a specific hour.


The Boost tea is an energising one. Even the packaging suggests that. I think this one should be drunk around 3pm-4pm when you get tired and lose your energy. I tried to drink it when I felt sleepy or tired, but not every day. I still have some left and I’m going to continue to drink it when I feel the need.


The Bedtime tea is obviously the one you drink before bed. This one helps you “lose” while you sleep. Again I need to mention that not having weight problems, I couldn’t observe a noticeable difference, but it’s very nice to drink before you go to sleep. And I drank it every night, before bedtime. It has a reddish colour, I guess from the roiboos.


He-tox is a detox tea for men. Yes, they also have a product just for them :p It’s a citrusy-fuity tea, very delicious. I didn’t finish this one, because I had the green one, but I think I am going to drink it, because I’m sure there is no harm, even if it is for men. But I think we need to appreciate that there is a product especially designed for them (even in a dark, manly colour :p)


Overall I had a nice experience with these teas. But I need to mention that you will have this nice feeling and you will feel ok only if you associate them with a healthy diet and a workout plan. These teas are not wonder products, they are plants that will help your body to function better, they will give you a boost but they will not melt down kilograms if you don’t take care of yourself. Don’t expect to lose weight while eating french fries and cheesecake! But if you want to help your body and eventually lose around 2-3 kilograms, I think these teas are a good choice, especially because they help with cravings. If you are interested in buying the products, you can find them on the Nudey Detox website.

My darlings did you try this kind of detox teas? Did you enjoy them?

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