I know there are many palettes out there. From neutrals, to dark ones to different crazy colours. And it can be pretty hard sometimes to choose a palette that’s good, that can satisfy your needs and be kind to your wallet.

Today I thought I would show you 5 palettes that I find amazing for day to day use and that offer almost all you need for your everyday makeup look, natural or daring.

1. Too Faced Sweet Peach

This seems to me an absolutely sensational palette! It has light colors, dark colors, browns, roses, matte colors and pearly colors. The eyeshadows are qualitative and do not give that  “dusty” look (I do not know honestly how to describe it!) Also, it seems to me a very good palette for people with green or blue eyes, having shades that make their eyes pop. I have also made a natural look with this palette, if you are interested, you can see the tutorial here.

2. Urban Decay Naked 2



The popularity of the Naked palettes is already undisguised, but the dilemma always remains : Naked 1, 2 or 3? Or Naked basic? Or? Well, I own the Naked 2 palette and Smoked Naked. Smoked seems to me not necessarily for an “everyday look”, having very dark shades. This one instead, it again has a very good mix: open and dark colors, mate and pearls. Naked 3 seems to have shades more on the pink side and Naked 1 is quite similar to 2. My opinion? Any of the 3 is great for getting both natural and bold looks!

3. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes


Maybelline also has several “Nudes” palettes, my favorite being The blushed Nudes. It has many neutral shades and pinkish shades, but also some pretty dark colors suitable for contouring the eye. Most of the colors are pearly , with only a matte shade, but honestly it does not bother me, because there are not glittering colors, they have only a fine pearly texture. The quality of the make-up is good and lasts very well, especially if you apply a make-up base. And it’s a very affordable pallet.

4. L’Oreal La Palette Nude



L’Oreal’s  has just released a new palette, La Palette Nude (I made a mini review, if you will, you can see it here). I like it first because it is very compact: ideal for traveling. To be serious, who wants to take dozens of products with him on vacation? The colors are warm, a little bit pinkish and again it has a very good shade mix. I would say it only misses the matte black 😀

5. NYX Ultimate



A very interesting pallet: 16 shades. Beige, browns, grays and even dark blue and green forest. It seems to me a fairly varied mix that gives you the opportunity to create various looks. As a pallet it’s an affordable one and it is also quite small,  suitable for the voyage.


These are the five palettes that I find helpful for your everyday makeup. I wanted to have a mix of higher-end products with some drugstore ones, to give you solutions for all budgets 😀 I hope that today’s post is helpful to you and if you have other pallet suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment!

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