It’s been a week since the new year has begun and I’m really curious how many of you have started to do the things you put on the “new year resolution to do list”. Most of the people say: Tomorrow, on Monday, starting the 1st of, next year I will do so many things, but nobody starts today.

From my point of view when a person really wants to achieve something great, he or she will start working on it immediately and make no excuses till the person achieves the goal.

I know that a lot of people have as life purpose earning money, gaining celebrity, and being happy, but these are really hard to quantify if they are not accompanied by a clear set of activities that lead to the ultimate goal.

 I will suggest three things to think about that although seem simple in theory, everyone ignores them.

Take care of your health.

 I know everyone now talks about health, nutrition and sport, but I’m curious how many of you even practice what you preach. When was the last time you had done a set of tests or dental check?

We only tend to react when we encounter a problem, but almost never prevent it from happening. I know that the majority will not go to the doctor’s office due to fear, cost or lack of time, but in most cases, once the problem occurred will cost more time and money than if it was treated in time.

Nowadays there are many private clinics offering top of the line medical services having decent prices and given the fact that a set of tests or dental check cost the equivalent of a Saturday night out, there is no excuse in not having a set of tests every 12 month.

Another important element is food because an unhealthy diet may cause many health problems, from decreased immunity, obesity to serious diseases such as gastritis, diabetes etc.

I’m not saying that you must only eat leaves and seeds when there are no diseases that limit your died. A balanced diet based on protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, combined with the avoidance of fast food, or other highly processed food would just do the trick.

For a healthy body, do not forget about sports. I am not talking about the following slogan that you can see on tv “For a healthy life you need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day” because that will not solve any of your problem. Spot must be intense whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, basketball, or tennis, you need an effort of 45-60 minutes per session, 3-5 times a week.


Invest in your education and personal development.

I believe that investing in your personal development is money well spent, and by doing this your investment return value will be very high.

I know that the vast majority of 20-25 years old do not consider courses, certifications, foreign languages important and just think that having a college or master degree is enough so they do not need to learn any more, but later they will realize how important each piece of knowledge is, and that in their 30s they will not have enough time or patience to go learn new things.

One or more additional skills will make a huge difference when applying for a job or a promotion. I know that the youth do not want to lose time learning and prefer to go out, have fun, go for drinks, but later in their life they will miss that free time that could be used more productively.

man stands at bow of yacht with arms outstretched

 Travel as much as you can.

 Since we also need to have fun this year the last tip is: Travel!

By travel I mean go to new place, understand their culture, speak their language (in case you know it just get proficient in it, if not, at least learn a few words), do local specific activities. Travel lets you find out things that you are not taught in school, it will disconnect you from your normal day to day activities, charge your batteries and prepares you for the next challenges you want to take on in your life.

 Cheers, and have great year.

Text: Costin Nicolae

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