I know you are very curious to find out what happened in New York, the reason I went there etc.

Avon Romania invited me to the launch of their new brand called Mark, which took place in New York. Everything was super quick,  tickets, visa and off we go!

I travelled with Roxana Minea, the Avon Romania official makeup artist and Ana, the Avon Romania PR. We just knew it’s going to be a girl trip!

After a 14 h flight, we arrived. I couldn’t believe I was in New York. All the scenes from my favourite soap operas came through my mind: Sex and the city, Gossip Girl, Freinds.

First stop: Times Square! Wow! But WOW! I was simply amazed the moment I got out of the taxi. OMG, even know writing about this moment, I get goosebumps! It was this amazing crowd and loudness. The girls were laughing because I was so excited and happy, just like a little kid. People were so different, but everyone managed to stand out in some way. You could see so many women, with and expression on their faces that just said “I’m strong”. I also did a live on my Facebook page if you want to watch it, here.

I had the pleasure to chat a little with the NY Avon team, in fact, with the Mark Product Manager, the one who developed the brand. A woman, in her 30’s, from the UK. Amazing woman! I liked it that she described exactly what I saw: NY is full of confident and strong women, who inspire you.

We took a tour in Queens. There we met  Lady Pink, a graffiti street artist, actually the first woman graffiti artist. Again, a woman who inspires you with her story. she showed us how the local artist managed to make Queens more beautiful through art, she explained what street art really is and what is an artist’s mission, and, as a little surprise, we were street artist for a few minutes.

Wearing: Divacharms dress, Flashtattoos choker, H&M jeans, Zara heels

The last evening was the official Mark launch. It was a real show! We were introduced to a new brand, specially developed for the makeup junkie. Bold colours, new textures, new technologies. The whole concept is around the idea of free expression, braveness and power. Now I know why they chose NY!

At home, the official Mark launch took place at the same time!!! In Romania, the spokesperson for Mark is INNA. And she rocks it!

What does Mark bring to the table? Well! Matte liquid lipsticks (!!!!!!), a new super cool and simple packaging, 3 new mascaras, a sensational primer and so much more.

I want to invite you to try the products, I’m sure you’re going to love them! Oh, you can watch some moments from NY in my vlog:

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