On our last day in NYC we went for a long walk. We saw Soho, went just outside Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and ate at the most amazing restaurant in Soho. I wore an amazing leather jacket I own! I love it because you can wear a simple, all black outfit, like I did, and stand out from a million just by adding this statement jacket to your outfit.

New York was an amazing experience. I just can’t describe the feeling, but for sure it is a destination that should be on your wishlist! I feel extremely lucky because I had the chance to make this trip and the whole experience energized me so much and gave me the ambition to want to realize big things. Be prepared because this year I have a different energy and I want us to do great things together!


Exclusives leather jacket

H&M black jeans ( similar )

Zara sneackers

Zara turtleneck

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