I am a person who loves  bronzer! I like to contour my face, to look tanned, but at the same time I want the result to be a natural one, blended very well. I still try to avoid that “too contoured” look.

Recently, Benefit has launched a new product, Hoola Lite, a more lighter version of the much coveted Hoola bronzer.

Benefit Hoola Lite is clearly lighter than the classic one. It fits very well with a very light skin, just as it was thought. But I consider it a very good product, even if you do not have super white skin. It seems to me to be more soft, it is very good for a very natural contour, to give very little colour to your skin, without that contoured look. I like that you actually give a fine shadow to your face, which is not even noticeable. I like to apply it with a pretty big and very fluffy brush, unlike Hoola, which I apply with a narrow brush, so that I can fine-tune the features of the face.

I recommend that you try it if you want that very natural look, the no makeup makeup or if you have a very light skin. If you are pretty dark or tanned, I do not think this product can do a lot for you. Hmm .. maybe as a brown blush 😛

Below you have pictures so you can see exactly the difference between the two products.

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