Since I was a little kid I had a thing for denim jackets. They have something special. They go with everything and they have that “90’s look” feel. At the end of the day, I am a 90’s kid :p And there are some days in which I just want to take my denim jacket for a spin! Today I went for a simple yet interesting outfit. I paired my jacket with some dark wash denim pants, a sparkly green blouse and some cream boots. Add some bright lipstick and I’mΒ good to go!

dsc_1372 dsc_1267 dsc_1323 dsc_1257 dsc_1270 dsc_1366 dsc_1255


H&M denim jacket

Romwe jeans

H&M blouse

Zara Boots

Random scarf

Photos: Manuela Lupascu

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