Online shopping has become increasingly popular, especially since today we have less time, we prefer to make our shopping on the couch with a cup of coffee and we are more aware of our preferences and tastes,our body and complexion.. And I honestly see this as a very good thing.



I also do a lot of online shopping, especially because it saves me time, nerves and money! And today I want to talk to you about Bonusway, a loyalty service, relatively recently released.

How does it work? Bonusway is a super simple platform where you sign up with either your Facebook account or your email account, buy everything you have to buy and at the end you get a commission from your paid amount. Sounds good?



You have a whole range of stores from which you can choose from, beauty, fashion, even travel websites such as Booking. Basically, where you shop online does not change, you just get a bonus at the end of it. The amount of the bonus differs from one partner store to another, but all commissions go to the same account regardless of the purchases made.



I recently made a purchase through Bonusway, bought a pair of Toms because summer is around the corner and although I tend to wear almost only sneakers, I thought to change it up and get something to go with dresses. The whole process was super super simple, I registered and then I started looking for what I wanted to buy.


And I have a surprise for you too:

If you enter the site using the link and register (Facebook or email), you will receive a welcome bonus of 15 lei for registration via Bonusway. And no, I have absolutely no financial benefit if you make this registration. Just the joy that you have received this start bonus to help you with your shopping.

To conclude everything, if you want to make smart shopping, the steps are as follows:

1. You will register on ( if you want the bonus of 15 lei)
2. Select the shop you want from the store list
3. Access the store and place the order. And finally you get a bonus.

Ah! And something else! Once the amount of bonuses exceeds the minimum withdrawal threshold of 50 lei, the money can be transferred to your bank account.


Have fun shopping and make sure to check out my Instagram ( because there’s a cool contest coming!