Buying a gift for your girlfriend may be a nightmare for many men. The first thing to take into consideration is that there is no such thing as “the perfect gift” and it all depends on the occasion and on how long you have been dating.

When you want to show you care, you always need to go the extra mile, especially when you do not know exactly what she wants, or when you do not share the same passions.

If you know exactly what she wants, then, you are a lucky one, and you should go for it, but if you do not, well, I have a few ideas for you having different price tags.

 A perfume

What better way to tell her how you feel, then with a perfume that she loves.

If you know exactly the one that she is using , your job is much simpler since you can just order it online and receive it the next day. If not, you just need to do a little research, either by checking what she is already using, or if you do not have access to that, just buy one that has the same fragrance notes as the one she is currently wearing.  There are a lot of famous designers that you can choose from.

 That blouse or jacket she really wants

When you are in a relationship, for sure there are moments when you walk around the shopping center and your girlfriend glances certain clothing items. This is an opportunity to observe what she likes, and maybe spot the item that certain item that gets her attention each time she walks into that brand store.

Before buying clothes, it would be a good idea to note your girlfriend’s measurements: height, weight. t-shirt size, and also know her favorite color, favorite fabric and designer.

Depending on your budget, you can find hundreds of clothing pieces that you can chose from.

 A city break

Summer is just around the corner, so what would be more thoughtful than a city break. You both can get the chance to relax and spend quality time together.

There are a lot of destinations you can choose from, and if you check out the low cost airlines you can always get very good deals. When searching for accommodation, is the best website where you can surely find a hotel you like.

 A piece of jewelry

Every girl wears jewelry. They range from very thin chains and pendants to big heavy bracelets. You just need to see what she likes to wear, and what are the precious metals and colors she likes.

Nowadays charm pendants and bracelets are en vogue. If she wears one of those, just buy her a charm that has a personal touch. For example if you are a photographer you can get her a small camera, or if she likes to travel, just get her a small plane or earth globe.

If charms are not her thing, you can get her a handmade item that relates to her passions or hobbies. There are a lot of local and international artists having great creations that you can choose from.

 A voucher to relaxing activity

What better way to end a hard week at work can you think of if not a day at the spa. Imagine the various saunas, massage, and other goodies that your girl can enjoy. After that, you can invite her to dinner and her day will be perfect.

There are various centers that offer top of the line services, and depending on the activities she likes and your budget, there are plenty of packages to choose from.

Bonus tip: Always buy flowers.

Text: Costin Nicolae